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I grew up in a small Inuit town in Northern Alaska. Snow covered the ground all year long. It was a hard life, hunting for food and eating the lichen we found beneath the snow. On Saturdays we corralled man-eating penguins for entertainment, which was the highlight of my week. My family didn't want me to get an education, preferring that I learn the family trade of Igloo heater repair. But the long winters made me yearn for something more, so I walked five miles uphill both ways to attend the local school. There I met Mr. Akritomayok, who introduced me to books and showed me the importance of an education. During my studies I learned about the wilds of Australia and, upon graduation, I purchased a ticket on the slowest boat. When I reached the land down under, I crossed a rampaging horde of Koala bears barreling toward a kindergarten class. Remembering my experiences with penguins in my youth, I shepherded the vicious creatures back into the forest. The local town was so grateful that they hired me as their official Koala Herder. The job allowed me to pursue my dream of...writing fiction.